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Coke & Coal

We sell Petroluem coke, Metallurgical coke, Coal & Charcoal.

Petroluem Coke

Petroleum coke (pet coke or petcoke) is byproduct of oil refinery. Pet coke are good fuel for lime shell industries, steam boiler and dryers for hill produce(like spices, tea leave), hardening/tempering of metals.We offer pet coke ( petroleum coke ) in different size ie 0-10mm, 10-30mm & above 30mm. Pet coke are stored in 50kg bag and we also make sure no direct sunlight/rain exposure, so that quality of pet coke is preserved.Industries where Pet/Petroleum coke are used, based on size are me... more

Metallurgical Coke

Met/Metallurgical coke is made by special coal under high temperature in the absence of air(oxygen), which vaporises volatile impurities. And leftover is pure Met Coke ready for industrial purpose like foundry, melting iron ore, metal casting etc.Industries where Met/for heating iron ore/iron, gun metals, gold coke are used, based on size are mentioned belowSizeIndustry/Equiment10-30 mm for heating iron ore/iron, gun metals, gold 40- above 40mm for heating/melting/casting iron ore/iron, gun meta... more


Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen (see wikipedia for info). more